KiVango Franchise Management, Inc. develops, owns, and operates unique premium QSR brands with a focus on maximizing returns through strategic brand acquisition, unique marketing, innovative operations, and talent development.

KiVango's Strengths

As franchisees for premium brands, we build a lasting reputation within the communities we serve.

  • Develops

    • Brand selection criteria lending to the most desirable risk-to-reward ratios.
    • Progressive real estate due diligence to ensure maximum brand exposure and long-term success.
  • Owns

    • Award winning franchise operators with national experience in providing precise execution of premium brand concepts.
    • A strong team of leaders with the unique ability to reach higher levels of sales, profitability, and strategic divestment.
  • Operates

    • Treating guests to memorable customer experiences through cultivating talented service providers offering great-tasting products in a clean environment.
    • Utilizing our cultivated network of industry leaders in marketing, construction, architecture & design, labor law, and financial management to maximize returns and limit liabilities.

Investing in People

The Kivango Team

We strive to create a sense of community where teamwork, individuality and diversity are valued and respected. Our business depends on the drive, dedication, skills and knowledge of our people. And, we try to keep in mind that a job well done is usually accomplished with a sense of pride and joy.

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