Ben & Jerry’s Building on the Love of New Orleans

January 29, 2017

Originally posted on Ben & Jerry’s website.

“We like to think there’s a hint of New Orleans’ fun-loving spirit in every scoop of our chunky and swirly ice cream —whether it’s the funky rhythms and horns marching down the streets, the zesty multicultural combination of flavors that are still simmering after 300 years, or the endless community strength demonstrated since Hurricane Katrina.

When it was announced that our 2015 annual Global Franchisee Meeting would take place in New Orleans this year —for the third time in the Big Easy since 2004— there was a roar of excitement throughout our retail and franchisee networks.

If there’s any group within the Ben & Jerry’s family that knows the mantra, “Work Hard, Play Hard,” it’s our local franchisees who are our lifeline to the cities we love. And, it goes relatively without saying, [but we’ll say it anyway] there’s no other city than New Orleans that symbolizes both components of that mantra.”

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